We here at WebLyte like to offer our clients the best – by giving what we consider “good options” of products and services to boost the fullness of our product. This also helps to make sure that every customer we have will have everything that they need, plus a little bit more on top of that. With this said, sometimes we can find ourselves being gluttons in certain situations.. hence is why we are removing Rvskin from our offerings.

Here is why:

  • We’ve noticed that pretty much all of our clients do not have a use for or need Rvskin
  • We’ve received support tickets alerting us of Rvskin causing issues (speed/file manager along with cPanel updates/TYPOS)
  • Amongst other things, we are not utilizing it ourselves as we have our business structured otherwise.

Rvskin support however, has been great when we’ve needed them and guys, this isn’t any type of pun on your behalf

It’s still all love, :-)

Have a good 2011!!

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