We’ve been hard at work with things lately to help boost the level of services that we are offering. As usual.

First up, we’ve got the website that is being worked on as we speak, we think you guys are going to love it and a beta preview will be ready here soon for current clients. We want you guys to criticize our work so that we give you the best product possible. In addition to just a new website, we’re also going to be expanding our line up big time to begin offering our scalable products… Shared Hosting / Reseller Hosting (we already have) -> VPS Servers -> Dedicated Servers -> Etc

As we touched on in our last point, we’ll soon be introducing new products to our line-up:

  • VPS Servers (Managed and Unmanaged)
  • Dedicated Web Servers (Managed and Unmanaged)
  • R1Soft Backup Services
  • And more! Stay posted!

Other than these things we’ve added 4GB of memory to the September web server, increased the amount of service checks (that when down notify members of Team WebLyte via their company Android devices), we’ve upped the PHP memory limit, fixed an ipaliasing issue that caused downtime and many more daily fixes.

We’d like to thank each and everyone of our clients and prospects, you guys (and gals) are the reason why we offer such great service.

Til next time!

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