WL is changing for the better, actually, the best! Period.

We’ve revamped the following:

Reseller web hosting plans – We have doubled all of our guys (and gals) stats. Storage space & data transfer have both been doubled with no extra cost.

Shared web hosting – We’ve balanced out things here by making the “Master” $1 USD cheaper. We also changed up multiple plan stats to make for a better package to give our customers more for their money, we love you guys :-)

In addition to plan goodies, we’ll be introducing 2 new services, thus reaching yet another very serious company objective. This will all be revealed to the public in about a week, trust us, we are nervous of the end product because we are aiming to please!! We are still confident, however :-)

As for the BETA… it’ll be released to clients tonight first so that we may gather input so that we may make some finishing touches.

Til next time!

- Team WL


Update (11.54PM EST): We got carried away on a modular-zing idea, this will make this super nifty and neat later down the line. Bear with us :-)

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